Links to Poems and Essays


"One Day at the Opera”
A tribute to the New York City Opera—gone but remembered!

“The Part of Myself That”

“For the Simpler Things”

“More Quiet Than This”

Essay in Rochester Review, February 2007
A Violinist and Poet Gets Her Arts on the Same Page

From Gravity's Dream, West Chester University Press, 2006

“You Must Accept”

“I Cart a Memory Too Fine”
“The Idea is the Fleeting Ghostly Fish”
“Seeing You Begin to Consider Loving”
“The Self-Taught Man”

“Riddle”, including audio recording


“You Must Accept”

From Open Slowly, Zoo Press, 2003

“I Never Want To Go When It’s Time”

“We Are”
“I Conclude a Sonnet Never Changed”
“Maybe Hidden”
“If He Sees Her”

From The Writers Almanac (Hear Garrison Keillor read)

“There Comes The Strangest Moment”
“Unknown Neighbor”
“You Must Accept”

From The Laws of Falling Bodies, Story Line Press, 1997

“Reading Someone Else’s Love Poems”
“After the Season”
“San Francisco”

“After the Season”
“And Then There is That Incredible Moment”
“Care/Care II”
“Reading Someone Else’s Love Poems”
“Six Urban Love Songs”

“After the Season”
“San Francisco”
“Greg’s Legs”

From Six Urban Love Songs

“Can One Think”
“San Francisco”
“Portrait of David As/Not As A Refrigerator Magnet: Universal”